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Welcome to the home of the Vets Gazette, a veterans newsletter for North Central Washington. Every other month a new issue is published with information from your Service Officers, Service Organizations, and other Resources. This newsletter is not just for Veterans, but anyone that cares for, works with, or just knows a veteran. Check out the most recent issue (right). You can also sign up here to receive it via email:

Veterans Newsletter Archive

Missed an issue? All of our previous Vets Gazette Newsletters are stored here. Feel free to print and share any of them.

[Issue 1 – February/March 2019] (Released 1 Feb)
[Issue 2 – April/May 2019] (Released 1 April, no joke)
[Issue 3 – June/July 2019] (Released 3 June)
[Issue 4 – August/September 2019] (Released 1 Aug)
[Issue 5 – October/November 2019] (Released 1 Oct)
[Issue 6 – December 2019 / Jan 2020] (Released 30 Nov)
[Issue 7 – February/March 2020] (Released 31 Jan)
[Issue 8 – April/May 2020] (to be released around 1 April)